The DHS and the Treatment of Immigrant Detainees

As a person who falls into the category of a resident alien, I was sickened when I heard the following story on NPR last week (PART 1 and PART 2). Somehow, I just knew that this was going on, and was most likely condoned at the highest levels of the administration, but did not want to believe it.

The twisted loophole in all of this is that like the "enemy combatants" at Gitmo, these detainees have not committed a crime, so they have no right to be provided with an attorney to defend them. One comment was that the detainees would have been better off if they had actually committed a crime, as they would enjoy a greater level of legal protection.

So, if you are a resident alien in the US, even one with a Green Card, you can be treated this way just for being too loud at a house party, and then being charged with a misdemeanor.

God help America.

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