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Time Bray is tracking the hits to his site by browser on a week-by-week basis. He obviously gets way more hits than I do, but I have my little 30-day LIVE browser hit trackers. This data is updated every 15 minutes when I aggregate my log data into a backend database for archiving and analysis.

My comments: MSIE is still in the lead, but not by as much as you would expect from a "regular" Web-site. The server hosts a lot of geek-like info, so this does not surprise me.

And the sudden drop in the Bot/Crawler stats resulted from the insertion of a robots.txt file in the GrabPERF configuration.


Seems that the MSNBot was being a wee bit aggressive in indexing every site I measure every day.

I also discovered that the dynamically generated files were far too slow to allow to exist in my production environment. I generate new static image files at the end of every log aggregation process, as generating them offline prevents the 80-second generation times when you try and slam the database with three simultaneous requests.

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