On donations

You have noticed the donation buttons.
Some people are vehemently against doing this on their blogs. These are usually folks who have more disposable income than I do. They are able to afford fancy subscription services and new servers.
I limp along on six year-old, second-hand hardware. It needs to be retired, and sent to the happy circuit board in the sky. So, I have ads and donation buttons.
Now, I get less than 200 hits a day, so it is unlikely I am going to get rich off this.
But I am not against the idea of advertising on blogs. In feeds, bad. On the actual web pages, ok. “Purity” is good; but too much of it and you end up like Richard Stallman. A man of vision and moral standing…who is seen as beyond the pale philosophcally for most people.
Have advertising on your site. If I am interested, I may even click on them. But, then again, I could install adblock into Firefox and never see them at all.
I am a contradiction. Life is more interesting that way.

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