Technorati: Performance Fixes?

Dave Sifry from Technorati very publicly announce a mea culpa, and said that he and his team rolled out some performance enhancements that should resolve the problems.[here]
Dave, they’re still there. Go to GrabPERF and select any of the Technorati measurements from the drop-down list. There is no significant performance change.
Hope these guys get it back on the rails soon, and overcome their success crisis.

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2 Replies to “Technorati: Performance Fixes?”

  1. Absolutely, will do – but our empirical testing shows significant improvements on many avtivities, including page loads and average search time. NOTE that we still have inconsistencies on some searches – and we’re working on that. But I wanted to get out the current set of fixes while we’re continuing to work on all the additional stuff as well.
    Thanks for the pointer to the GrabPERF!

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