Web Performance Domains for Sale

I just had a look at the list of domains that I own and realize that
I want/need to clean house. There are 3 domains that I want to keep,
and 9 that I am looking to get rid of.

Domains that I want to unload include:

  • mod-deflate.net
  • mod-deflate.org
  • performancecore.org
  • performancecorps.org
  • performancefreaks.org
  • performanceguru.org
  • performanceindex.org
  • searchindex.org
  • webcaching.org
  • webcompression.org
  • webperformance.org

Currently asking $2,000 each for webperformance.org, webcaching.org, searchindex.org, performanceindex.org, and webcompression.org, and anything I can get for the others.

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