GrabPERF: For Sale — The Original Servers

As everyone should know by now, GrabPERF has moved to some pretty swell co-lo digs provided by our friends at Technorati. This saved us a bunch of money, both in connectivity and in power.

Now, after nearly 6 months of inactivity, I have decided to sell the original GrabPERF servers. I have no more need for them, and if I was ever to do something like GrabPERF again, I would do it on much more modern hardware.

These two twin PIII 600MHz machines have done stellar work, given that they are at least seven (that’s right, 7) years old. They are rock solid running Linux; your mileage may vary running other OSes.

These are defintely NOT desktop machines. People at the local Air Base asked me to keep the noise down. They have less than stellar video cards and no sound cards. These are servers.

These workhorses can be seen in an annotated context here. Until you go there, here is the old GrabPERF rack, just for the memories.

The GrabPERF Rack

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