The failing Democratic Party

Link: It’s the Hispanics, stupid.

In my opinion, the Democratic Party is a dinosaur. It has lost the evolutionary battle to the Republicans, and no longer represents a viable entity on the US National scene. Harsh, but true words.

Their power-base has been shrinking since 1976. They have yet to latch onto the new vision that Americans have of themselves. They are a party of the urban dis-enfranchised, minority  and university-educated voters, especially if you look at the county-by-county electoral map in the 2004 election.

The Democratic Party, if it is to survive, must abandon the National scene, and return to the local scene to try and survive.

Blogger: RIP

I gave up. Blogger is too slow, flaky and clunky. I would rather pay the folks at TypePad/Six Apart.

Once again, I walk away from the free Google service into a for-fee service: Yahoo! Mail Plus and TypePad.

What does everyone else think?

ADDENDUM: Just checked in with my one other contact who uses Blogger, and she stated that she is seeing the same level of spotty performance and reliability that I have been experiencing. Her interaction with the Blogger support team resulted in an admission that the back-end at Blogger was getting some more kit to try and remedy these issues.

Too late, was the cry.