Jeremy Wright Adds More On His Firing

Jeremy has added more on his firing (here).

I am going to burn my bridges with more than a few potential Canadian employers by saying that this does not surprise me at all from the Canadian management mentality. In some ways, it is still stuck in the Victorian era: paternalistic and vindictive. My interviews with Canadian companies have always left me going, “I don’t want to work for them!”.

Why? Because the HR Teams at Canadian companies are designed to remove critical thinkers and free spirits. I have yet to find a Canadian company of any size where innovative thought and inventive concepts were allowed to flourish.

I would name some examples, but that would get me into even more hot water.

Corporate Canada — and Corporate America, for that matter — has to accept that people talk about companies: to friends; colleagues; and the world. Blogging just makes that more global.

As Jeremy states, companies need to understand that blogger and companies have to agree where the line is, and soon.

Hmmm…more than a few hits on this article from HSC, Jeremy’s former employer.

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  1. Not sure what companies you interviewed for, but Candadian companies are world leaders in technical innovation. There’s a marked difference between “creative thinkers and free spirits” and loose canons. The old addage; “Loose Lips Sink Ships” still applies today.
    Looking for innovative and creative Canadian companies? Go here:

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