Someday, I will get around to posting the OPML of who I read.

Doing a quick inventory of the people I read regularly, it turns out that the vast majority of them are in strategic sales and/or marketing professions. This should surprise a few people, given that I am, for the most part, a techno-dweeb.

The insights and views that these authors bring to me helps rattle my cage and gives me a perspective on the ideas that shape the business forces which affect my day-to-day life. And they also help me think differently (Sorry Apple) about everything I do.

How does this project affect my professional development? Does it contribute to my personal and professional brand? Does it help my company gain additional market share? Does it help us sell more? Does it contribute to our strategic goals, or is it a useful tactical device?

Whenever I work on anything, I consider many more things than I did before. Doing something because you love it isn’t enough anymore.