Jennifer Rice points us to the Honeywell site where the company explains how they manage their brand image.

It is actually something that I am familiar with, as our company went through a similar process last year, so that everything that the company put out had a unified look and feel, and that everyone was able to understand what the core vision was.

There has been some drifting, but even in a small company like mine, managing the brand and presenting a unified vision of the company makes you loom much larger.
There are a number of companies I have come across that don’t understand the need to present a clear, concise and focused brand image. When I see presentations or documents from these organizations, it does not matter how successful they are, or how cool their technology is. I have reached a level in my life that I want a level of maturity in the material that I am presented with.

Acting and speaking and writing with a unified voice indicates that the company is organized and focused on their own success. That will win me over every time.