Brilliant comments on CRM “solutions”

Scott Jones of SalesBuilders has an excellent and very succinct critique of CRM “solutions”. [here]
Scott nails it: a CRM is just another application. It’s usefuleness is completely reliant on people knowing how to use it, and actually using it to help isolate and identify the links and opportunities which will allow them to grow their business within existing customers and obtain new business from prospect.
At my former company, a large CRM solution was implemented. Took over a year, involved at least one full-time consultant and 3 staff members. And when it was complete, nothing. It was slow, clunky and difficult to maintain. People avoided it. And it showed.
Are there any honest stories out there — not originating from CRM vendors — of how a CRM solution allowed companies to more quickly identify and isolate new opportunities that would have been overlooked without such a solution? How did it help you gain new business and grow revenues from existing customers?
Are they out there?

Paul Lavallee adds more to the conversation here.

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  1. The success of CRM (especially sales force automation, or sales process automation), relies on automating the process as well as adding value to the reps and marketing people who use it – not just the managers.
    See link to read more.

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