More Thoughts on the HTTP(S) Application Concept

Yesterday, Scoble noted (and I validated) the idea that the browser is less and less relevant for those of us on the bleeding-edge.
In the blogs that I read, people access information:

  • Via mobile phone
  • Via PDA
  • Via data aggregators
  • Via IM
  • Via e-mail
  • Via personal interaction

Web sites are now targets of information, not providers of information. I increasingly hear of new ways for HTTP(S) to be a conduit of information, not limited to the browser.
Port80 is used by so much more than it was designed for. Extensible browsers attempt to lock customers into the old way of approaching this information. The decade-old paradigm is disintegrating.
My main Web access is through FeedDemon. I use my browser to write, check e-mail and check my server stats. This is very different from 2 years ago, where in lived in the browser.
Two years from now…where will I be spending my online time?

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