Brendon Connelly hits almost on all cylinders with this post. I was shocked to see someone who relies on almost exactly the same toolbox (in a different configuration) as I do.

  • I am off to buy a Moleskine Datebook
  • I use vim to do most HTML/PHP/SQL/whatever editing
  • HyperSnap for screen capture
  • SQL in Microsoft/Sybase, MySQL, and Oracle flavours

I have never been able to gracefully integrate a PDA into my life. I have tried 4 times, and all 4 have failed miserably. I am a pen and paper man for contacts, appointments, etc.

Outlook Calendar is good for business meetings…but for the rest of your life?

The one tool that he doesn’t mention: Google. I know that it is so omnipresent that it is easy to miss, but if you do fewer than 5 Google searches a day, and you work in high-tech…what do you do?