Tired and On Vacation

Ok, I am on vacation, so if you expect minute-by-minute reports of the universe, you will have to look elsewhere.
I will continue to post on topics of note and interest…provided I don’t get sucked out to sea on Cape Cod tomorrow.

What makes a good marriage…

I married my husband with the awesome heart and the big TV and the area rug, I also happened to marry into the largest font collection on earth. Make sure you marry someone who comes with fonts.

Thanks for this QoTD, dooce.


Better Living Through Coding

Ok, I got through the neuro-chemical wall by doing some coding. It’s weird, but intense mental activity seems to give me enough of a boost for the meds to start working again.
I created two new graphs for GrabPERF. The performance of the Multi-Test Hourly chart is hideous, mainly because my 6 year-old writes better code than I do. What was the only solution I could come up with? A loop within a loop, with each inner loop running a SQL query that returns exactly 1 row of data, if there is data.
I got sucked into reading dooce for the first time. Got a question: does Heather every smile?
Back to your regularly scheduled Web performance rant later. Off to try and optimize some inner-looping madness.

Ok, maybe the drama queen act doesn’t suit me…

You have to wonder about the resiliemcy of the human mind sometime; apparently as quickly as one dives into a deep funk, you get to bounce off the floor….
I’m Baaaaaaacccckkk!
If only to handle the flood from Dave Sifry’s post on Technorati’s performance improvement. [here]

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Not “Adieu,” But “Au Revoir”

Effective immediately, The Newest Industry is on hiatus.
Most readers are not aware that for most of my life, I have fought a constant battle with depression. Thankfully, my symptoms can be effectively moderated and controlled through medication…most of the time.
Right now, for a variety of reasons I am not comfortable getting into, I am losing the battle with my illness. The canvas is blank, and so is my mind.
For those who say there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, I just found out that mine happens to be on front of a high-speed train coming toward me. And when I reach these depths, no amount of happy, motivational, power-of-positive-thinking drivel can bring me back quickly or easily.
My life has to change. I don’t know how yet, but when I come back, it will be because something has changed.
Thank you for dropping by; see you on the other side.

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