MSIE 6 and HTTP Compression — get the service packs!

A colleague in Germany forwarded me this interesting Microsoft knowledgebase article.

Internet Explorer May Lose the First 2,048 Bytes of Data That Are Sent Back from a Web Server That Uses HTTP Compression

This appears to only happen if another program registers (Real8 Download is the example given in the KB article) to use some of the more obscure Internet Name-Space handlers with Urlmon.dll. These corner cases include rarely used protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.
Also, this only applies if you haven’t bothered to patch your MSIE 6 for like, oh, two years. So, if you have bizarre behaviour with sites that use compression, use that Microsoft Update thingie you may have heard of.

Possible New Project

I have a lead on a possible new project. Very exciting, and will build on some of the things I have been developing over the last year or so.
But it will mean changing my dream of a Powerbook to one of a functional Linux laptop.
Any recommendations?

GrabPERF: Measurement Location Outage

The Gomez measurement location suffered a mental lockup and system hang at approximately 04:00 EDT (08:00 UTC) this morning. Just figured it out, and the system has been restarted.
Sorry for the lack of data over the last few hours.
And, if you want to host a GrabPERF measurement location, drop me a line.

The Tower Hill Insurance Group Hires Idiots

Found this charming set of entries in my logs this morning.


Apparently the Tower Hill Insurance Group (sent you past their flash entry page) hire folks with not much better to do than fill my logs with stupidity all day.

OrgName:    Tower Hill Insurance Group
OrgID:      THIG
Address:    7201 NW 11th Place
City:       Gainesville
StateProv:  FL
PostalCode: 32605
Country:    USNetRange: -
NetName:    THIGHQ1
NetHandle:  NET-64-57-0-0-1
Parent:     NET-64-0-0-0-0
NetType:    Direct Assignment
NameServer: AUTH10.NS.WCOM.COM
NameServer: NS1.THIG.COM
RegDate:    2000-03-20
Updated:    2001-06-20
TechHandle: ZT82-ARIN
TechName:   Tower Hill Insurance Group
TechPhone:  +1-352-333-1777
OrgAbuseHandle: NS446-ARIN
OrgAbuseName:   Services, Network
OrgAbusePhone:  +1-352-333-1777
OrgNOCHandle: NS446-ARIN
OrgNOCName:   Services, Network
OrgNOCPhone:  +1-352-333-1777
OrgTechHandle: NS446-ARIN
OrgTechName:   Services, Network
OrgTechPhone:  +1-352-333-1777

Vlogging Mini-Conference — Monday, October 3, 2005

For all you local vloggers, there is a vlogging mini-conference coming up in Worcester, MA.

When: Monday, October 3rd, 6 p.m.
Who: You and your interested friends
What: “Meet the Vloggers” Worcester
Why: To learn more about videoblogging and build community
Directions to WPI:
Campus map to find the Campus Center:
(The Campus Center is #6, behind Alumni Gym (#3) and next to Olin Hall
(#23). The star is where they are building a new Admissions building and the
circle in the center of campus is a fountain. These are just mentioned as
Jan McLaughlin, a videoblogger (vlogger) from New York, will be visiting and
we will be presenting about videoblogging. This will include everything from
what equipment to use to how to drive traffic to your site, how to build
community through videoblogging and how to subscribe to news feeds using RSS
so you can watch other peoples’ videos. This will be a fun, interactive
presentation. I hope you can make it.

Thanks to Carl Weaver for the info.

Domains for Sale

Ok folks. We sat down and did an evaluation of the finances today…and we’re broke.
Very broke.
So, I have had to buckle down and put some of my high-value domains up for sale. Right now, they are up on Sedo.

Yes, is up for sale. Unfortunately, I need the money more than I need the domain right now.
And frankly, these are the only things of value I have to sell right now.
Let your friends know.