I have reached the limits of my coding, database administration and time available to keep GrabPERF growing and evolving.
What is for sale?

  • The GrabPERF Domain —
  • Measurement scripts
  • Database design and current contents of the database
  • Automated processing scripts and batch jobs
  • Web GUI code
  • Consulting time from me to install, and configure the GrabPERF system at your location, with your team

There is a lot of potential in the code. I have a lot of ideas to make it better.
There are 24 hours in a day.
Now, when I mean for sale, I mean FOR SALE. There is a lot of work in this code and infratstructure; I am not going to simply give it away. I am also going to be very careful when selecting the buyer.
Drop me a line if you or your organization would like to present a proposal to me for the purchase and transition of GrabPERF.
Thank you all for your support.