In order to reduce personal costs for both connectivity and electricity, this Web server and all associated applications will no longer be available as of 14:00 EST (19:00 GMT) November 22, 2005.
I am deeply saddened to have to take this step, but the cost of operating them is becoming a burden to my family.
Thank you all for your support over the years.
I hope to have this blog back up at another location sometime in early December.

GrabPERF and The Newest Industry: LAST CALL

UPDATE: We have a new home:
Stop by and check us out.
UPDATE: The shutdown date has been set.
NOVEMBER 22, 2005

Ok folks, this is it.
Last Call.
We have reached a point where the cost of the cable modem that connects my servers to the Internet has to be slashed.
Without the semi-static IP that I have had for the last 18 months, all of my Web services and applications will have to be terminated.
What does this mean to you?
GrabPERF will be shutting down. will be shutting down. will be shutting down.
And this blog will be shutting down.
I hate to do this, because it has been a great ride, but until we can get back on our feet financially, it’s a step that has to be taken.
I will be keeping this site up until November 30, 2005 November 22, 2005. After that, I will be shutting down all access.
This is not a plea for donations. This is a bare cold fact.
Heat the house or host my Web servers.
It’s a pretty easy call.

GrabPERF: Blogwise Improves!

Blogwise had a slight server issue earlier this month. Sven, the great guy who runs the service, posted a very open statement of what happened.

I’m very sorry if you tried to access Blogwise over the last four days and got either no service, or an appallingly poor connection. It looks like there was a multiple server failure which, considering I only have a few, was quite damaging.
Events were made worse by my being out of the country at the time (ironically, my first break since Blogwise was started over three years ago). Although I had somebody monitoring the servers, and I knew fairly early that something was up, my lack of access to a computer and awkward time zones made fixing things extremely difficult.
The site should now be running again. If you had assumed Blogwise had closed suddenly, it hasn’t. I’m still here and as committed as ever – we just had the most unfortunate event at the worst possible time. This event has highlighted all sorts of vulnerabilities in the service, and has acted as a grim reminder of the need for redundancy and proper support.
It’s going to be tough to build a more reliable infrastructure, and to continue developing Blogwise. I don’t have the luxury of investors, nor a great deal of revenue from advertising, but the need to resolve this has been made painfully obvious and time and money will be found.
Finally, a thankyou to you all for your continued support, your patience and your understanding. With the site back up, I’m going to enjoy my last three days in Chicago and look forward to getting back into the flow of things this weekend.
– Sven, 12 Nov 2005

On the upside, performance has improved dramatically!

Blogwise performance

Great work Sven…and I feel your pain.

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