Dear Mr. Jobs: WTF where you thinking with this one?

Steve, what the hell is this?

Problems with the iPod WiFi

  • big
  • cumbersome
  • clumsy
  • not environmentally friendly (no rechargeable batteries?)
  • And it’s been done. There must be a dozen docks that let people plug iPods into their stereos

The iPod WIFI would have been a more interesting product announcement.

This one won’t sell many, except to the MacAddicts, or to the Apple museum of broken dreams.

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Board Meetings

Why does it take the senior executives and product managers seven (7) working days to prepare for a board meeting? For small companies, is this an excessive intrusion-to-guidance ratio?

Maybe some of the folks out there who sit on boards can explain this phenomenom.

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Have I lost my mind…again?

Some of you who have been around a while realize that my brain chemistry cycle makes the mood swings of Mike Tyson look minor.

Last week was the absolute bottom of my cycle. I behaved in a completely irrational way and did some very stupid things.

This week is a week of reflection and…well, recovery.

It’s a very attractive cell…

We have been in the Boston area for 2.5 years. In that time, Samantha and the boys have not been home.

Frankly, the whole process of leaving the US and then getting back in scares the hell out of us. US immigration always goes out of their way to make us feel unwelcome.

But Samantha told me last night that she has to go see her parents and let them see their grandbabies. So they are going to Victoria April 13-25.

It comes to a point where you have to say it’s a really nice cell, comfortable and all; but we are still in jail.

Samantha and the boys are going to make a break for it.

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Google Video Censorship — US Style

I was reading online (Slashdot) that some videos from Iraq are censored in the US.

Yup, it’s true

Google Video Censorship in the US -- Feb 21 2006

So much for “Do no evil”.

Any wagers on where the first internment camp will be opened in the United States? Guantanomo Bay and Eastern European “democracies” are not included in this pool.

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UPDATE: Turns out this is a “feature” of the Google Video uploader. [here]