Origin v. CoralCDN: a GrabPERF test

I have set up a test to check the performance of the CoralCDN network against that of the origin server. You can view the comparative results here.

The tests used the base HTML document of this blog as the target.

The results so far indicate that there is a slight performance penalty when using CoralCDN in an ad hoc manner. They do offer continuous CDN services, and these likely provide better overall service under normal conditions.

However, it is likely that in situations where server load or traffic volumes increase substantially, the distributed performance system, even in an ad hoc manner, would save your bacon.

I will watch these tests over the next few days to see if any unique performance patterns appear.


“Folks, Denver has cleared us for an IFR landing. Fasten your seat belts, and take another stiff drink.”

Instrument Landing

I love Winter!

It's snowing…in Colorado…

Apparently there’s quite the blizzard pounding Colorado. [here and here]

And your point is…?


  1. You live at 3,000 ft and above
  2. Those big rocky and pointy things in your backyard? They might have some effect on the weather
  3. It’s Winter…well, officially tomorrow

I gew up in the Rocky Mountain Trench. After November 1st, it’s not if, it’s when the snow will come. And you can expect to be smacked hard at least once.

Get firewood. Get candles. Get books. Get pens and paper.

And be glad you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest.


Yes, I am still here.

Yes, I am swamped.

And yes, I haven’t had a creative thought in a week

Gonna make something of it?!?

Skype: Monetization, or Escaping the trap of 1999

Around the blogs, there are a number of folks talking about Skype making people pay for SkypeOut calls.

Guess what? Everywhere else in the world, you have always had to do this. So I don’t understand what the problem is.

I know that the QoS will improve on SkypeOut once the feeloaders are gone. Free is good, but you get what you pay for.

Those people who think free is a sustainable business model are either selling ads to pay the bills, or falling into the 1999 trap all over again.