Dear Dwell: A blog needs a feed

Just found that Dwell magazine has a blog.

Dwell's "blog" has no feed

Ooops! A pseudo-blog. No feed.

Dwell: Get with the program.

UPDATE: Apparently it does! There is an RSS graphic at the bottom. But that’s not the feed link. Oh no!

You have to click the image to go to a page that has the page that has the RSS feed in it.

No. The feed is part of the blog. It MUST appear on the same page as the blog. Making it hard to find defeats the point of the process.

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Hey! Do we have a Pledge Week to remember for you!

David Parmet pointed me to these Pledge Week extravaganzas.

My fave:

Surviving members of every 50s doo-wop band fight to the death with clubs — shirtless and totally coked-up — in massive Thunderdome-like arena

Merlin Mann is a god. One of the minor deities, but a deity nonetheless.

Some additions:

  1. Celtic Women v. The Three Tenors in a massive glass-breaking, heavy metal tribute to Metallica!
  2. Civil War outtakes — “Dear Ma,… General Grant has given the soldiers with one leg the afternoon off from ditch digging, god bless him…” (David Parmet)
  3. Ken Burns vs the Celtic Woman in a nude mud wrestling match.. with fire!!! (David Parmet)
  4. Cirque du Soleil performing with live wolverines
  5. Ken Burns and Bill Moyers fighting for the right to interview what’s left of Nixon


Bacon! I smell Bacon!

Sorry to quote a hideous dog treat commercial from eons ago, but this post at the Core 77 Design Blog reminded me of it.
An alarm clock that reminded me of my halcyon days, when carcinogens and fat mattered less to me.
It also reminded me of a passage from Neal Stephenson’s Zodiac describing the all-black breakfast. My copy of this hilarious book is in a bin in the basement, so I can’t quote it directly.

WGBH: Are you listening?

Dave Sifry launched a few great ideas that will be studiously ignored by PBS execs because they know better. [here]
I have said this many times in the past [here, here, and here]: asking me for money while showing “Lord of the flies dance to 60s motown classics sung by Celtic women” is not helping your cause.
Micropayments texted in by SMS, that’s brilliant. It might show PBS what their viewers what they TRULY watch.

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