GrabPERF Maintenance – March 5 2009

Today we undertook two maintenance and upgrade tasks at GrabPERF that have been neglected for too long.

  1. The Agent code was streamlined and removed the connection error sub-routine. It seems that the latest versions of cURL no longer support the connection error determination (I can only imagine the madness of trying to support this on multiple OSs), so it has been removed as part of the error detection process. This change has been pushed out to four agents for testing and will be distributed to all other active agents after this is complete.
  2. Upgrade of cURL to 7.19.4 on four agents. The same four agents that have the new agent code have also had the underlying HTTP(S) engine (cURL) upgrade to 7.19.4. Although this supports no new features that I am aware of, it is always good to be on top of the latest release with bug-fixes.

We are also trying to determine how to capture the URL that we connect to when we take a measurement. As far as cURL is documented, it still does not appear to support this feature.

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