The Network World article on telecommuting appears to be getting a lot of play this morning on the RSS feeds.

I agree with Daemon at the Web Worker Daily: Yeah, and your point?

I learned a long time ago that I would NEVER be happy as a do-nothing management hack (whoops! did I say that out loud?). Career advancement to me is an out-dated way of life, and those that are desperately hanging on to this ideal are this generation’s answer to The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit or The Organization Man.

What does career advancement mean in a world that is mobile, engagement-based, driven by accomplishment, not by success? Career advancement is a growth in the respect in which you and your skills are held. Titles become meaningless; generating buzz and delivering on it are what define your success.

Time to raise the controversy element: The people who see telecommuting as a career negative are those that can only survive in a herd. Those who cannot generate their own motivation. Those who need to be away from themselves, to not hear the voices in their heads.

Cartoon: Hugh MacLeod

Some of the people I hold in highest regard have no title, and would be seen by corporate types as “drop-outs”.

Guess that makes me a drop-out. Bully for me.