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Web Caching and Old Age

In 2002, I was invited to speak at an IBM conference in San Francisco. When it came time to give my presentation, no one showed up.

I had forgotten about it until I was perusing the Wayback Machine and found the PDF of my old presentation.

The interesting thing is that the discussion in this doc is still relevant, even though the web is a very different beast than it was in 2002. Caching headers and their deployment have not changed much since they were introduced.

And there are still entities out there who get them wrong.

If you like ancient web docs, check out what webperformance.org looked like in 2007. [Courtesy of the Wayback Machine]

Caching for Performance Article Posted

A few years ago, I wrote an article ablout how to best set up Web server cache-control messages to take advantage of this free form of content distribution. Until now, it has only existed as a PDF file.

Last night, I sent a copy to Kevin Burton of TailRank in response to some of his recent musings around making TailRank faster by sending explicit caching messages in his server responses. His response to the PDF was “make it an HTML file”.

You can now find the Caching for Performance at the link – just click it.

Use it. Live it.

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