Yesterday was November 11th. Where I am from (Canada), this is Rememberance Day. In the US (where they already have Memorial Day created to celebrate their orgy of destruction, the War between the States / Civil War), the same day is known as Veteran’s Day.

One is a day of rememberance for the dead. One is a day to honour those who returned.

In some respects, this is the difference between Canada and the United States. In Canada, there is a reverance for those who had given their all for the community as a whole. That is why Tommy Douglas leads in balloting for the Greatest Canadian (ahead of Terry Fox and Frederick Banting).

In the US, being successful and achieving your objectives, no matter what the cost are revered. In other words, losing your life fighting the enemy is failure; fighting the enemy and coming home alive is success.

Remember the sacrifice, or celebrate the survivors? Which philosophy is yours?