This article is a must read. It is a view of America, still framed in a christian context, but using the concepts of inclusion, not exclusion.

It is hard for me to look upon the neo-con, “Right-Wing” Christians (I use the capital letter purposefully — look for the to follow the word shortly) and place them in a christian context. They preach hate, disrespect, disregard and exlusion to their followers. It is as though christianity has been divided again, into those who deeply understand the word of Christ, and those who nominally use the word of Christ to divide a nation in their image.

Evangelical Christianity is a sham. It is a disgusting way for the nation to drive the United States back into the 18th century, where freedom was a measured thing, only available to the “right” people.

Link: Democracy in the Balance, Sojourners Magazine/August 2004.

But America is a broken promise, and we are called to do what
we can to fix it – to get America back on the track. St.
Augustine shows us how: “One loving soul sets another on
fire.” But to move beyond sentimentality, what begins in
love must lead on to justice. We are called to the fight of our