Web compression benefit survey — looking for volunteers

As a sidelight to my Web performance job, I spent a lot of time investigating Web compression techniques, tools and devices a while back (I have a library of items I have collected

My studies were purely technical, i.e. what was the bandwidth saving in implementing this technology v. remaining uncompressed. Now I want to work with some companies who have implemented a compression solution recently and get a sense of what the bottom-line impact was.

Some questions I am trying to answer.

  • Does compression really save companies money?
  • Is the hardware/software implementation cost have an acceptable ROI?
  • Have you implemented a compression solution, then retired it? Why?

Not earth-shattering questions, but they will help me better understand the end-to-end business implications of deploying and integrating a compression solution.

If you woul dlike to partcipate, please drop me a line here.

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