Why I am not an A-list Blogger

  • I have never used OSX or owned a Powerbook
  • I don’t own a tablet PC
  • I don’t own a sexy cell phone
  • I have never owned/started a company
  • I have never had my own column/tv show
  • I haven’t had to hide my true identity to protect my job/family/unnamed federal agency
  • I have never written my own Internet Standard or protocol
  • I have only been quoted by the mainstream media once
  • I have not written a book
  • I only go on one business trip every 2-3 months
  • I have never had comment spam

I am sure there are more reasons; I will add them as they come to mind.


  • I am not in a band
  • I think podcasting is vain and useless
  • I don’t own an iPod/Zen Micro/Digital Player
  • My digital camera is worth $60
  • I have never mixed my own music
  • I have never written a desktop application

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  1. Try to understand it as easy and cheap as it is!

  2. Try to understand it as easy and cheap as it is!

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