I am extremely steamed at an article that just read on Caillon’s Blog which basically encourages people to disable HTTP Pipelining.

This is the wrong approach.

If a server announces that it is HTTP/1.1 compliant, then  it should be able to handle a browser that is using all of the HTTP/1.1 features. If someone is using a server version which cannot handle all of the features of HTTP/1.1, then they should be forced to fall back to HTTP/1.0.

By continuing to bow to the lowest common denominator, Web performance will not improve and Server developers will not be forced to accept that they must fix their code.

The only reason that server developers have gotten away with lousy pipelining support is because MSIE still does not support it. If MSIE begins to implement pipelining, then watch the mad scramble to resolve this issue.

Proactive Web performance excellence. Do it.