Ok, Just read this at News.Com.

Frankly, if what this former employee of Waterstone’s (a partner of Amazon for the UK market) is alleged to have done is proved to have occurred, I have no problem with his dismissal. It comes down to common sense. Don’t talk about something in your Blog that you would not be willing to say to the same person or organization in person.

I know I am not really good about this myself, but since this trend appeared, I have been self-editing (not self-censoring) what I say to take into account who it is directed to, and how it might affect me if someone I know were to read the comment.

If more people used this common-sense approach, we would not be hearing of so many blog-related dismissals.

Frank Patrick describes it this way:

How often have you made a quick-and-dirty assessment of a situation "…unencumbered by the thought process"….(*)

All of that protein consumption gave us these brains; let’s use them,