Do I want to participate in a book project? Yes.

Jeremy Wright has asked for new authors to join him in a book project. It looks truly interesting. And the approach is new.

What would I write on? Well, if you have followed this blog for any length of time, you should know that my passion is in the area of Web performance, and the process necessary to effectively management world-class Web sites.

A prime example of this is not one of the big players, but one I use daily — TypePad. With very few exceptions, the TypePad interface works flawlessly for me, and what I do with it. I could download Moveable Type and run my own blog; but TypePad does such a good job, that I have no need to do this.

How does a company such as Six Apart run a Web site that scales so effectively? How do they keep costs down? What are they doing to ensure that this level of excellence, performance so good it is transparent, will continue?

These are the questions I would ask in my 1,000 words; this is my passion.

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