A Challenge to Canadian Internet Firms

A few posts ago, I made some statements which I may come to regret. However, as I wrote to the one person who commented on my statement, what I said was more of a back-handed challenge to Canadian employers to show me that they are truly innovative and world-busting.

I issue a challenge to Canadian Internet firms: Show me that you understand Web performance excellence, and are willing to take on a process to implement this concept from the CEO to the receptionist. I want to participate in this; I want to make a Canadian firm the example that the can be shown to the world as the leader.

It may be a niche area, but if you think about it, it means that a company has to understand how its Web property fits into or defines its business model from top to bottom. There are few companies in the world who can say that they understand this, especially not those who did not begin with an explicit ebusiness focus.

There may be firms that think that they have a handle in this. They key question is this: Do your business performance metrics talk to your Web performance metrics?

Let’s work together to make your business and technology speak the same language.

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