Considering GrabPERF Expansion

Since I think that I have stabilized the GrabPERF System into a happy near-production environment, I am considering an expansion of the system. This expansion would include adding more measurement locations.

Much like Ian Holsman’s WebPerf.Org, I want to know if there are any volunteers who would like to participate in a BETA of this system when I have it ready to go.

Requirements for BETA participants would be the following:

— crontab
— Perl DBI
— Perl dbd-mysql
Perl CURL-Easy
— A stable IP address
— Ability to talk to my server on port 3306

I would establish some very basic Agent verification (hence the stable IP address). This would include allowing the IP address to talk to my database server through IPTABLES, and then verifying that the Agent ID and it’s IP address match, in the database.

Drop me an e-mail if you are interested.

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