In the Business 2.0 Blog, the author posits on the possibility that eBay may be reaching the theoretical limits of its network growth potential. In this case, I do not mean the technical TCP/IP network; I mean the business to client network that has been created around this community.

eBay has been trying to move into new markets and diversify — classifieds and rentals being two new oppotunities. And the recent price increase has infuriated some of their long-term community members.

From personal experience, the treatment that Samantha received from the PayPal division has been enough for both of us to walk away from using it.

So, eBay, what are you going to do to make your user-community ecstatic to use you again? How are you going to make yourself a place where people want to do business, not a place where they grudgingly do business because you are a near-monopoly?

How will you make your community love you again?