Hans Henrik points us to an article discussing how the philosophy of a business leader should be a criteria during the selection process.

This is relevant to me, as the company I work for is currently conducting a CEO search. Now, based on my experience with the leadership of my company, I know some of the criteria that they are looking for. I just hope that the search committee also considers how the candidates envision possible upheavals in our industry over the bext 5, 10, 20 years.

One thing that never happens when a CEO is chosen is the interview by the staff below the board and the C-level. My company is very small; I would love the opportunity to listen to the CEO candidates speak to me as a member of the team he will lead. But that will never happen, as boards and C-level leaders are focused across and up; they very rarely look down, how a leader actually is seen by the people who make the company go.

I have mentioned that I am reading Execution, where Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan speak about how great leaders execute on strategies and ask the questions that need to be asked about how things get done. However, as all business books are, it is aimed at the MBA, director, VP and C-level players. What about the majority of us, the individual contributors? How do we make an impact on a company? What say do we have on the vision?

Being in a leadership position does not mean you are a great leader. Company leaders, how do you inspire your individual contributors on a daily basis?

Addendum: Tom Peters says it best. CEOs are idiots because….

20. Their egos distract them from the Real Work of Business.