Another reason why I won’t install the Google Toolbar

As Steve Rubel points out, Google is stealing some of Microsoft’s worst ideas. [here]
I wonder how long before the wave crests, and the undertow sucks Google out to the Island of the Damned.

Seems that for once, Dave Winer and I are on the same wavelength. [here]
And here comes Dan Gillmor. [here]
TDavid kicks in his comments on Google Evil Tags. [here]

2 Replies to “Another reason why I won’t install the Google Toolbar”

  1. Google is marketing like the AOL of the 90s (Gmail invites = 45 hours free CDs) and running their business like MSFT.
    I think the backlash is brewing… I’m taking bets on who will be the next media / geek darling.

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