Apple Bloggers Sent Underground By Overzealous Legal Department?

The title should give you some idea about what the post is about. And before you flame me, realize that I know there are a great number of dedicated Apple Bloggers out there. The concept driving this post is something that has been tickling the back of my brain for a week now: the lack of and silence from bloggers who work directly for Apple.
John Moore of Brand Autopsy comments on Guy Kawasaki, the Evangelists’ Evangelist, stating that he is tired of defending Apple. [here]
Apple has micromanged their branding and corporate message to such a degree that they cannot, will not, tolerate ANY deviation from the company line. By anyone. Including the hordes of excited, motivated, and deicated Apple Fanatics.
Apple, currently you have the cool factor on your side. I have become a victim of your message: I LUST for (not want, not desire, but LUST for) a Powerbook. However, as lust is want to do, it may cool when the sun rises and all is exposed in the true light.
So Apple, how do you want your fanatics to speak of you? As the company with the cool tech who puts the chill into even the most firebrand brand evangelist? Or the company that encourages, motivates and invigorates the discussion and dissemination by their brand evangelists, no matter who they are?
If you work at Apple and you are reading this, which answer do you see coming out of the Marketing Department?

How close to the edge do you live?

This morning, on my way to work, I heard on NPR Michelle Kennedy describe how she spent a summer homeless after leaving her husband. [here]
The story reminded me just how close so many of us live to that edge. The edge I am talking about is the one that separates you from the street. I live far too close to that edge for my liking, and the exposure is doubled when you factor in that I am a stranger in a strange land.
To think that I could expose my family to the trauma of homelessness weighs on me everyday. And why do I have to worry about it.
Because it’s the American Way.

Apdex — A New and Interesting Web Measurement Group

If you are a Performance and Measurement geek like I am, this looks to be a new and possibly interesting organization — Apdex
Scott Haugdahl of WildPackets gives us his thoughts about it. [WildPackets is one of the charter members of Apdex]
Pete Sevcik is interviewed about it here. Peter’s paper is published in the Business Communication Review and CIO Today (complete with a call for folks to join the organization). [here]

Life in the Dogosphere

Shel Israel nails one quarter of my life in this post.

The Damnation Hound

The infamous Damnation Hound (50% Dalmation; 50% Basset Hooooooouuuuunnnnd!) is very demanding, and appears to have the smallest bladder in the known universe. This gives her the opportunity to drag me off my sorry butt at 3 times a night and 4-5 times of weekends for a trot around the neighbourhood.
So, how would you react to a Damnation Hound? Most people laugh; that’s what Samantha did when she saw her at Buddy Dog in Sudbury. But she is a great conversation starter!
I miss the beaches on the West Coast; Revere Beach just isn’t the same as the wild and untamed surf at San Gregorio Beach. Maybe the Damnation Hound and I will play on that beach again some day.

Web Analytics Industry Shake up

NetIQ sold off WebTrends to Francisco Partners. [here]
I always wondered about the NetIQ deal, so it’s nice to see WebTrends on it’s own again…but it is now going up against Google.
More on the deals here and here
More from SVW here.
John Battelle With more comments on Web Analytics Shake-Up 2005. [here]
Andrew Goodman has a great Urchin/Google Round-Up. [here]