Shel Israel nails one quarter of my life in this post.

The Damnation Hound

The infamous Damnation Hound (50% Dalmation; 50% Basset Hooooooouuuuunnnnd!) is very demanding, and appears to have the smallest bladder in the known universe. This gives her the opportunity to drag me off my sorry butt at 3 times a night and 4-5 times of weekends for a trot around the neighbourhood.
So, how would you react to a Damnation Hound? Most people laugh; that’s what Samantha did when she saw her at Buddy Dog in Sudbury. But she is a great conversation starter!
I miss the beaches on the West Coast; Revere Beach just isn’t the same as the wild and untamed surf at San Gregorio Beach. Maybe the Damnation Hound and I will play on that beach again some day.