Hank Stringer from On Talent has a great post about the growing scarcity of talent, and the importance of rejected job offers. [here]
I have stated before that this seems like a no-brainer for a company. If you are going after true talent, and they are rejecting you, do you have a rejection debrief that you put these candidates through? What are they telling you is the main reason they went with Company Y instead of your firm?
Salary? Benefits? Work Environment? Technology?
The industry I work in is mature and, I would say, mainstream. I miss the days when I worked with a company that was so far out in front that the customers had to be dragged along; now the customers are the ones doing the dragging.
I can see some waves out there, but having ridden (been ridden by?) one bubble, I am not leaping into another. There are a lot of cool Internet and tech things out there, but I need the passion.
Hank, I think that the key to those offer rejects may be passion. Will these new hires be a cog; or are they being brought on to lead a company into uncharted territory.
I hate maps.