Mmmm…let’s call our customers dinosaurs!

The Site! The Site! OMG! The site is even more insulting! Bring on the firing squad!

I agree with this post: The team that created the Microsoft Dinosaur campaign need “to be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes”. [here]

The campaign is insulting. The campaign does not inform. The campaign makes me feel that I work for a backward company (even if it is in the Fortune 100).
And the campaign is greedy. Microsoft is no longer making any money from those Office 97 and 2000 licenses, so it has to figure out how to keep the gravy train flowing. Problem is…can you make any of these already heavily bloated apps better?

Yes, I know that there are great new features, blah, blah, blah. Don’t care. Don’t Need them.

And OpenOffice is only 80MB to download for free. And it generates PDFs on the fly without an add-on piece of software.

Hmmmm…the emperor has no clothes.

Blogging synchronicity strikes again. Read this little gem about 30 seconds after I completed the original post. Pretty much nails the state of Microsoft’s cash cows.

And this from someone on a MSFT blog.

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