Stephen O’Grady describes “continuous partial attention” in this post. He notes Scoble’s decision to retire the link blog and try and devote more time to his life.
How much is too much? That is a question we all fight with daily. I currently have a half-finished Zen book, Beyond Bullets, and a long article out of the Harvard Business Review in paper reading.
I track 143 blogs…which makes me a lightweight, I know. But it is amazing how much I have learned and absorbed by doing this. How this has changed my view on things I look at every day.
But SO’Grady also talks about having times when you aren’t connected; where you can be free of the shackles. I read about folks who suck down a book a day. I am lucky if I can string together enough time in a day to read 5 pages.
I definitely suffer from “continuous partial attention”, a cousin of ADHD.

Even Steve Rubel is detecting the trend of blogging burnout. [here and here]