Tony Goodson blasts the MindJet/SalesForce.Com integration. [here]
Having just discovered Mind Map Tools (I use FreeMind; who can actually afford a MindJet License?), I have found that they are a great thing when you are brainstorming.
But integrating them into a CRM?
CRMs are nothing better than really expensive phonebooks/logs. That’s it. In order to really get them to work, you have to buy this plug-in, drop in this module, tweak the interface, write some custom code…
Yeah, like that is a good spend.
My former company invested in Siebel, mainly because the CEO is part of the former Oracle Executive Cult. Siebel is crap. I hated using it. It was useless, bloated and added 6 hours a week of mindless busy work that everyone in the company could have been using to perform truly useful tasks.
At my current company, we use SalesForce.Com. The only time I use it is to look up a phone number or an e-mail address.
And it’s supposed to make companies more productive?