Wondering about the blacked-out testimony from the Gomery Inquiry?

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Primary Source Verification of Brault Testimony.

Link removed from origin site due to threat of legal action in Canada.

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Thanks to the The Captain’s Quarters blog, some of the secret testimony from the Gomery Inquiry is being published on this side of the border.
The Liberals are a bunch of corrupt gangsters.
The Conservatives are spineless rascists and theocratic demagogues.
The NDP…is nice but effectively useless.
Needless to say, my opinion of any and all Canadian Federal parties is extremely low. None of them deserve to run the country…well, the Natural Law Party had my vote for a while
Maybe it’s time for a REAL change!
Thanks to Bruce at The Autonomous Source.
Instapundit has more links for the curious. [here]
Jeff Nolan comments on using a gag order to prevent us from hearing about possibly criminal activities within the government. [here]

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  1. The BAN is LIFTED !!!!!!! WOW WOW WOWWW !!!!
    People who Liberal are either stupid or bastards. You choose !!!!!!!

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