Web Performance Geek Wants to Help Internet 2.0 Companies

Been a very long week. Cameron has been coughing his way through the night with a chronic ailment that no doctor has been able to diagnose, Kinnear has his second ear infection in two weeks (even after SERIOUS antibiotics), and I have been run down with this virus of doom that has been chewing its way through the Northeast over the last month.
This has seriously affected my mood. Not a lot of positive spin happening at work these days, and I haven’t been motivated to take on any new cool projects. It’s almost as though I have reached the “What’s Next?” point.
So, what is next. James Governor asked me what I wanted to do next this morning. I came up with a lame answer, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that I am really not sure what I have left to contribute.
As a Web performance geek, I feel that I have topped out my game. I have spent 6 years do high pressure Web performance analysis, and the problems are the same. How can an industry that is so cutting edge spend 6 years not learning anything?
The one thing that I would love to do is apply my Web performance geekiness to the new internet. Firms such as Flickr, Typepad, Google, etc. need Web performance far more than Internet 1.0 companies did. I would rather work on these new problems than solve the problems of companies that still don’t get Internet 1.0.
So, if there are any Internet 2.0 companies with an Web performance and optimization challenge, I would love to work with you. Resume’s in the right-hand column.

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