Craig’s List: Killing Classified One Click At A Time

The cadre at Geek News Central links to an article called simply Craig Who?
Classifieds are dead to me. I never look at them. My wife wants to have a latin inscription above our door that reads: This home furnished by Craig’s List (in Italian: Questa sede ammobiliata da List del Craig).
Yet another sign that newspapers and media companies may not be getting the message quite yet.

Hey! More on this happy story here!

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  1. I live in Destin, Florida. A friend told me I could list my condo for sale on your list, if I found it on the “list.” Well, it’s not there, so does that preclude me from a listing? Please answer and tell me how or where I can place a free or inexpensive condo for sale listing. I am a FSBO; want no involvement w/ realtors.
    Many Thanks,

  2. Many Thanks,Susan

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