I really try to stay away from political issues, as I am considered an enemy alien living in the US at the will of the DHS.
But if ANYTHING stated in this article is even remotely true, Microsoft has shown that it is morally bankrupt.
I would love to hear some comments from Scoble, Mini-Microsoft, Charlie Kindel, or Dare Obasanjo.
If this is a true reflection of Microsoft’s approach to openess and acceptance, I take back any positive things I said yesterday.
I want this to not be true. Please tell me this is not true.

Scoble says he is definitely not going to be happy if this is true.
Mini-Microsoft agrees with Scoble and me. This in and of itself is worthy of a comment: that the three of us agree on anything means that a plague of locusts is likely to descend on my garden.
Although I want to hear what BGates and SBallmer have to say on this.