Microsoft: The Thrill is Gone? Part 2

The lazycoder brings joy to my heart with this. But in some respects, his comments are too narrow.
I have been working directly with right on the tip of the wave tech for over a decade. I have been at least in the front part of the wave with a number of other cool ideas.
In the last year, nothing has given me a tech thrill. Nothing has made me feel the intense love that Internet performance used to.
I am alone? Is the malaise rampant? Is there something out there that can drag all of us out of this deep, dark hole we have fallen into? Or has this cutting-edge, “new! New! NEW!” wave finally reached the beach?

Scobelizer comments on lazycoder.
Neuvo asks the same question I do.
Jeremy wants just one thing from Microsoft to excite him…
Cameron feels that the exodus trend is different from others.

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