Ideas: Culture of Life?

This has been rattling around in my head for a day or so.
Bush and his cadre are promoting a culture of preserved life, not a culture of sustained life.
Think about it and comment.
Eschaton points out the hypocrisy in this quote:

…Gov. Bush has appointed two more secretaries to lead DCF since the agency initially mishandled Moesha’s case under Ms. Kearney, but an unfair practice of valuing some lives more than others continues to hurt some of the neediest and most fragile Floridians. In 2003, after failing to protect a severely mentally retarded woman from being raped while in state custody, DCF fought to save the woman’s fetus. Similarly, late last month, after failing to protect a 13-year-old in state custody from becoming pregnant, DCF fought to save the girl’s fetus. While the state was fighting fiercely to save the unborn, it continued quietly fighting — using private lawyers — to avoid financial responsibility for a living child, one irreversibly harmed while dependent on the state for protection.

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