The Tyranny of the Managers

Sig hits for 6 with this post on the tension that exists between leaders and managers. [here]
Where do exciting ideas, visions and concepts come from? Leaders.
Who is responsible for stifling the unique voices of leaders? Command and Control Managers.
The common thread I am reading on the business books I am pouring through right now is that you will get farther, be more successful, and get the chance to meet really cool people simply by being the person you are, and not letting your ideas be crushed.
I have discovered that I can bring more to my company by doing less of my “job” and more thinking. I speak in an authentic voice, one that cries out to let our customers kick ass, be remarkable, and make an impact in the world.
Ok, the last statment is not really the case: I really just help companies suck less, and understand how to do it more successfully.
But by doing less jon and being more leader, I feel more fulfilled. And frankly, this role is how my mind is tuned anyway.
Bring me your problems, and I will help you understand what the real problem is.

Seth Godin has another take on this issue. Leaders are the management cultures worst nightmare. They show that the management culture is not necessary for success. In fact, you can succeed without the management culture.
Now, if you think success is only monetary in this case, you are so wrong. For a true leader, making a ton o’ cash is secondary to helping shape how people think and how they behave.
Think of the greatest leaders you know. How many were rich? How many became rich AFTER they had been recognized as successful leaders?

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