Gee, want to make those searches even more powerful? How about we track exactly where every person on the Web is going by tracking them using a piece of software that they install on their own computers?
Google Web Accelerator. The latest from Big Brother those folks at Google.
This also explains why Google wanted to buy up all of that dark fiber. You have to plug your proxy servers into something
Doesn’t mean I am not going to try it…
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O’Reilly Radar has the same paranoid delusions privacy concerns that I do over this product. [here]
John Battelle notes the salient feature of the Google Accelerator at the end of his article.

However, you do start to run all your web surfing habits over Google’s servers, and that, of course, makes Google something of a proxy ISP, with access to all the aggregate data that an ISP like AOL or Comcast has on you. Is that a good thing? Well, yes and no. But net net, it has implications down the road. Very soon, Google will know an awful lot about the world’s surfing habits, well beyond search. Hmmm.

Search Engine Watch has a straight-forward list of the features — limited commentary. [here]
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Lifehacker comments.
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Darren Rowse hits for six with this quote from Mike Lambert:

Instead of using a random surfer model, Google can use a real surfer model, based on the aggregate web traffic of the people using their Web Accelerator. They can discover /exactly/ how the Google Juice should flow in the real world.

C|Net’s party-line, facts-only commentary. [here]
Silicon Valley Watcher is prescient enough to mention that “your browsing history might be just a subpoena away from the nearest FBI office”. [here]
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