Microsoft: More on the Gay Rights Position…AGAIN

According to Scoble, Microsoft is reversing its position on the Washington State anti-discrimination bill. [here]
Not to be harsh, but in my mind, “Too Late, was the cry”.
The damage is done. I am happy that they are now coming out in favour of this bill, but this is now tainted by their initial withdrawal of support. This response, no matter how it is spun, is seen as hollow and meaningless.
I am sorry Scoble, I do not share your excitement over this announcement. I expected it, and I am not impressed by the sentiments that are driving Microsoft as a corporation to make this decision.
They should have had spine in the first place; courage after the battle cannot put a shine on the tarnish of cowardice during the battle.

Adam Barr confirms the reversal. [here]
Ballmer’s e-mail can be read here.
Kevin Briody
C|Net’s take.
Rob Enderle lays down some good vibes for Microsoft. I am still asking where their spine was in the first place…
Dare Obasanjo says “Microsoft definitely does not suck as an employer” [here]; no Dare, they have just shown us what all good political animals already know: the strategic back-pedal is a valid strategy.
Udo and I, talkin’ the same language! [here]
TDavid’s comments. [here]
David Weinberger. Why, oh why, is nobody critiquing this flip-flop?

4 Replies to “Microsoft: More on the Gay Rights Position…AGAIN”

  1. What exactly are people supposed to be criticizing? Microsoft’s execs made a mistake, got a lot of negative feedback and did what they could to correct the mistake.
    Sometimes you people in the peanut gallery irritate the heck out of me.

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